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Making Sense of
Complex Change 

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Hear from Kylie Morton

Head of Innovation and Capability

In today's ever-changing business world, change isn't just a buzzword—it's the name of the game. Organisations that can ride the waves of change come out on top. That's why the Reframe Change program is a big deal. It gives your organisation the tools, smarts, and insights to see change as an opportunity, not a disruption.

It empowers leaders, change enablers, and everyone else to roll with the punches, stay strong, and drive success during changes.

Who is this Program for

Leaders, change enablers, potential receivers — anyone invested in fostering a progressive and adaptable organizational culture will benefit immensely from this webinar.



Anyone who leads people and needs to drive and lead change initiatives within the organisation- Managers, Team Leads, Executives



Anyone who plays a role in making change happen - Project Managers, Change Managers, Comms, Training, HR BP'S BA's, IT



Anyone! Everyone! People who are impacted by change, need to manage their own reactions and actively engage in the transformation process.

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What are the Benefits?


Boosted Change Leadership

Leaders get the skills to inspire and guide their teams through change, creating a culture of commitment and teamwork.


Employee Grit

All employee become more resilient and ready to roll with changes, reducing stress and adding positivity to your organisation's sucess.


 Agile Organisation

 The program nurtures an agile and resilient culture, making your organisation shaper and more competitive.


Project Sucess

Change champions with systemic change know-how and change management expertise raise the sucess bar for projects.


Positive Change Vibes

We normalise stress reactions and support people as they make sense of change. It builds a culture of care and backing.


Faster Change Adoption

By dealing with stress reactions head-on, the program speeds up change, ensuring quicker wins.


Who is this webinar for
Leaders, change enablers, potential receivers — anyone invested in fostering a progressive and adaptable organizational culture will benefit immensely from this webinar.

What to Expect from the Program

The Reframe Change program is a comprehensive training initiative designed to help organisations excel in leading and making sense of change. It consists of one foundation module and three interconnected parts:


Sensemaking Change

 Foundation Module.

 For Drivers, Enablers and Receivers of change

 1 x half day | Online or In Person

This is the heart of the program. It delves into the neuroscience and sociology of change, normalizing stress reactions and providing a fundamental understanding of how humans make sense of change.

Benefits: Understand, embrace, and speed up the change process.

Key Modules: Create Space + Enable the Exchange


Lead for Momentum

Learn to lead change like a pro.

 For Drivers of change

 2 x half day | Online or In Person

This module will equip leaders to drive change confidently.

Benefits for Leaders: You'll become an effective change leader, keep the momentum going, and foster a committed team.

Key Modules: Personally Commit + Keep them Moving.


Manage for Complexity

Get the tools to make change happen.

 For Enablers of change

 2 x half day | Online or In Person

Trains the people who facilitate change: project managers, change managers, communications advisors, learning & development advisors, HR BP’s to plan and manage change initiatives effectively.

Benefits for Enablers: You'll master systemic change, nail change management, and boost project success.

Key Modules: Systems Thinking for Change + Managing Change.


Thrive through Transformation

Learn how not just to survive but thrive during change.

 For Receivers of change

 2 x half day | Online or In Person

It's for everyone who's part of change and wants to do more than just survive it.

Benefits for Receivers: You'll build resilience, get proactive, and say goodbye to change fatigue.

Key Modules: Resilience in Change + Be a Game Changer

Those who participated have already accelerated the changes

Do as those who are improving the changes together with their teams.


ACH | Project Manager

"This program transformed the way I think about Change"


Australia Public Sector | Program Lead

"I wish all staff should have access to this training"


Santos | Change Manager

"All modules were very well presented and researched. Easy to understand and follow" 


ACH | General Manager

"Really clear and practical tips and tools"

Hear from our clients who have embarked on their Change Journey.

The Reframe Change program is your ticket to a nimbler, more successful organization, happier employees, and a culture where everyone's in it together.

It’s your roadmap to not just surviving but thriving in change. It's all about success and staying sharp in a world that keeps shifting. Let's get started!